The sixth edition of the Media Festival Skopje will be held from September 22 to 24 in the Cinematheque of Macedonia as well as online, with a focus on the environment. We look at the current issues that surround us, from the climate emergency that affects everyone on the planet, to the occupation of green areas in our cities, journalism dedicated to environment and other important “green” topics.
Like every year, PINA again gives space at the festival to the topics dedicated to the dangers in the journalistic working environment. A significant part of the program will also be dedicated to the online harassment targeted towards women journalists in our country, through the presentation of the results of the last analysis we made in which we surveyed over 100 female journalists from the domestic media scene, together with the latest short documentary dedicated to the topic.
More discussions, workshops and films dedicated to various topics important to journalism, media and civil society are also planned.